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Who we are

CyberForce global are committed to building early stage, tech start-up teams for our clients around the globe.

As a start-up business ourselves, we understand first-hand why hiring the right people is the key to success - which is why we're the leader in tech recruitment.

We work directly with Venture capitalists, advisors and key leaders within hundreds of tech start-ups to achieve the hiring needs they desire. Finding the right DNA and specific domain individuals is no easy task (for most people).

Our niche is partnering with many cyber security, software & engineering, fintech & blockchain and cloud/infrastructure organisations supporting their growth in areas across sales, tech sales, marketing and professional services.

Global Outreach

The major regions we cover are:

  • North America
  • EMEA
  • APAC

I highly recommend CyberForce Global! One of the best headhunters I have worked with. Quick in understanding the deep needs and very proactive and resourceful to identify strong candidates. CyberForce Global has a great mindset and amazing can do drive !

Amir Ofek

CEO at Axonius

It has been a pleasure working with CyberForce Global and they really get what I look for in top sales guys. Great company to work, persistent in thier endeavours and consistent in their results.

Colin Blou

CRO at Gem

CyberForce Global is a great choice for any search you may have – highly motivated, fast learner and very enthusiastic. When working with them, you will truly feel like you have a partner that understands your needs and works with you to find the best fit.

Yoni Shohet

Co-Founder & CEO at Valence Security

CyberForce Global was fantastic in a recent business transaction and placement. Clearly communicating and driving the process, working the deal on both sides. We were able to successfully close this in six weeks. Both groups pleased with the outcome, and mutually excited about the business potential.

Edward Rodriguez

VP Sales at DoControl

Working with CyberForce Global is a pleasure and an utmost professional experience. Attentive, proactive, driven and always looking for ways to improve or deliver more. I look forward to working with CyberForce Global in the future and do not hesitate to recommend.

JF (Jay) Gignac

Executive Vice President, Global Sales and Channels at OTORIO

I see CyberForce Global as a true partner, very professional and available to any question/problem, mapping and researching in depth about the recruitment needs and finding the right people in a very focused way. I strongly recommend CyberForce Global and their impressive abilities.

Tal Hershkovitz

COO & CFO at Dig Security

CyberForce Global are a brilliant expert in their domain, and I never believed that hire the right people in such a short time could be so easy once you work with the right experts. CyberForce succeeds in one conversation to understand the DNA of Lightspin, which help them hire the right person for us in less than two weeks! I cannot wait to work with CyberForce Global again!

Vladi Sandler

Co-Founder & CEO at Lightspin

I've worked with Joel for 5+ years and we have been successful when sourcing the right individuals across various positions and locations across the globe. Joel is accurate and focused in his communication, always available and knows to bridge between the company and the candidates. it's been a pleasure.

Yochai Corem

CEO at Cyberint

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